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Charlene first garnered attention from tweeting her self-deprecating thoughts as @charstarlene and Rolling Stone named her one of the "Funniest People on Twitter Right Now." She went on to write and star in her own short films, and her most popular one, "I Forgot My Phone," has over 52 million views on YouTube and was featured in The New York Times, USA Today, Time, NPR, Good Morning America, Vice, The Today Show, and more. Backstage named Charlene “the #1 actor on the verge of breaking out” and they put her on their cover. Her first feature film, Unlovable, a Duplass Brothers production directed by Suzi Yoonessi which she wrote and starred in with John Hawkes and Melissa Leo, premiered at SXSW in 2018 and received special jury recognition. It was picked up by MGM’s Orion Classics and released in theaters and VOD in 2018. Unlovable was made after Charlene sent a DM to Mark Duplass, then used Twitter to crowdfund over $64K, receiving support from people like Adam McKay, Jason Reitman, Seth MacFarlane, and Patton Oswalt. In 2020, Charlene’s short film made in quarantine, “I Know This Is Weird” won Best Comedy and Best Performance at the Quarantine International Film Festival, and another quarantine short, “Inner Child,” was selected for the Sony Reel Her In Showcase. And in 2022, Charlene wrote for Seth MacFarlane's Ted for Peacock! Charlene has been in national commercials, television and films and has performed live at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, Second City, Mortified, Uncabaret, and more. 


[Unlovable] has plenty going for it... but it’s most appealing because of the full-force charm and talent of its leading lady, Charlene deGuzman... She’s also just plain wonderful to watch, deGuzman is a star in the making...” – IndieWire, “Buy These Movies From the 2018 SXSW Film Festival”


“deGuzman’s performance is so arresting and engaging, you keep your eyes glued to her – if only so you don’t miss the next development that will be hilarious or heartbreaking or both.” – Variety, Film Review: ‘Unlovable’


"Talking and writing about topics other people might shy away from is exactly what has made deGuzman thrive." - FLOOD Magazine, "Breaking"


"Whether it’s a tweet, a blog post, a pilot, or a short film, deGuzman knows her strength is in using her voice to connect with her audience." - Backstage Magazine, "Charlene deGuzman Leads the Second Annual Backstage 30"

Fun Facts:

-Charlene was in the National Tour of the Off-Broadway hit, STOMP.

-She is Filipino-American and was born and raised in San Jose, CA.

-She spent her childhood as a competitive dancer.

-Charlene had her own advice column with FLOOD Magazine.

-Charlene is an intuitive and gives readings over at


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